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Sabtu, 30 Julai 2011

5 Things that Make Easy Tired

Dinner is, a break already, but why the body is still easy to feel tired huh? In fact, after health checks, the result is also positive. Nothing to worry about.

Lately, it's easy to feel tired a lot of experience most people. Although health condition is fine, but this is quite worrying. There's probably a good idea to examine some things that cause your body to feel tired easily.

1. Addicted to coffee or fizzy drinks

Caffeine helps you stay awake while working is what turned out to make the body also feel tired easily. Especially when you start an addiction. The day was close to the coffee or soft drinks, it's limp body weakness.

Expert advised to stop this addiction to caffeine. Drinking coffee or soft drinks still okay, but if excessive it would not be good for the body effect.

2. Too often bent

Busy doing something makes us unconsciously have a very long bow. Whether it is typing, working on monthly reports, or play with the BlackBerry, unconsciously bending the body long enough. And usually, if you have this we forget about stretch since late in fun activities.

As a result, you become anxious before going to bed and feel the body feels very tired. Back pain, and difficulty sleeping.

3. Short breath

Occasionally we do have to take a deep breath to let the oxygen fills the entire space in the brain and body. If you observe, when the body feels tired and you inhale deep and long, rattling bones and body feels so more lightly.

Well, this is why you also need to adjust the breath. Some of breath, can make the oxygen flowing in the body's blood circulation.

4. Forget breakfast

The reason there was always either busy, did not have time, still full or no appetite, finally breakfast forgotten. In fact, start the day with a healthy breakfast makes your body fitter and not easily tired. Concentration was increased by a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

5. Holding anger

Holding anger is not the same as the control. Holding anger is more on letting it stuck inside and not distribute it. The mind and body feel like something heavy burden.

While controlling the anger is channeled in a positive way. Channeled anger and did not feel any burden on the shoulders and mind.

Changing some of these habits will make the body more fresh and not easily tired, happy healthy life.

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