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Isnin, 18 Julai 2011

benefits of ginger

he use of ginger is a herb ginger ..... I always have, and stored in the kitchen every home for sale and asia.selain as a flavor enhancer in foods, ginger is also very beneficial to remove the wind in badan.jadi today I want to share tips on how ginger drinks can be tasty and effective way to lose weight.
2.madu or sugar
ground up finely and then strain the water prior tersebut.sejukkan to enhance the taste and aroma tersebut.setelah cold water, it can be drunk on its own or added to ais.ianya effective if practiced regularly.

p / s, so do not worry if it happens often you have a bowel movement because it is temporary, and God willing .... if you practice it regularly, your body will be healthier and your weight will also decrease.

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