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Jumaat, 20 April 2012

why stew noodles water should be dumped

Mee instant food is one of the most easy to find, practical, and well liked because it tastes good. The shelf a long time also makes instant noodles often be an option for those who live alone, but did not have time to cook. However, eating too much instant noodles pointed out will cause many negative effects to the body by as preservatives or flavoring ingredients taste. Then, in addition to carbohydrate content, instant noodles do not have enough vitamins, minerals, or fiber, which is beneficial to the body. So, basically instant noodles do not have enough nutrients for the human body's nutritional balance. "But the most dangerous is that it contains preservatives, MSG (monosodium glutamate), and food coloring in the instant noodles," said Dr. Patricia Wijaya, a specialist beauty of Beauty Inc.. the Compass Female , after the launch of a new instant noodles in Swiss Bel Hotel, Central Jakarta, Sunday (01/08/2012) then. Hazardous ingredients in instant noodles is derived from the processing until the preservation process is done in a way to fry noodles until dry. The frying process usually used cooking oil, which makes cooking water becomes cloudy and a little greasy when boiled. "A lot of people who say first that boiling water should be discarded in order to preserved missing. But preservatives actually will not go away," said Dr. Patricia. Instant noodle cooking water will first remove the oil and other chemicals that may be used to make. However, preservatives and other content that is harmful to health when further processing will not go away 100 percent. He will only be reduced slightly when first cooking water discarded. Oil content, preservatives, MSG, and coloring agents will still stick to the noodles even though the levels are already reduced by several percent. You need to know, the use of preservatives is not always dangerous, because the instant noodle manufacturers would have to follow the safety standards established Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) . But the content of these chemicals are still a potential to cause various health problems when consumed regularly. "The effect is indeed perceived long-term effects, such as indigestion, constipation, indigestion to cancer, and others," he said. In the long run, these chemicals will also be very dangerous for the beauty of the face and skin. The skin becomes more dry, that would give rise to various symptoms of premature aging. In addition, instant noodles will also ruin your diet program, due to the high calorie content. Again, one should not enjoy instant noodles, but it should not be consumed too often. Do not make instant noodles as a main dish, but rather as an interlude snacks only. Keep eating foods with balanced nutrition for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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