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Rabu, 20 Julai 2011


hi .... to all readers, when I started surfing the internet today, I suddenly thought .... ya allah ... I want to enter the month ramadhan al-mubarak.are we ready? how to prepare to celebrate ? but I did not think about all this because I just thought if I have completed and have left the fast last year?
causes left all that I feel aggrieved and how much can I to pay my debt to the gods of all the Quran .... sad feelings when we enjoyed all of this .... how much can I ???????? ya allah ... help your servant from complacent and forgot to return would you want it down for me .... but my heart cried out .... ya allah, I knew I was a default.
appointed day coming, I want to try to disclose the repentance and mercy to you ya allah ... forgive my mother and father as they kept me when I was small.

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