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Selasa, 9 Ogos 2011

died after iftaar with bazaar ramadhan food....

Died because Lauk Bazaar?

Misfortune befalls a family when the family of diarrhea and vomiting after breaking fast at their house in Taman Seri Mewah, Phase 2, Meru, near here, last Sunday. While their daughters, aged 11 years died.
According to the story narrated by the victim's father, Mohamad Ali Khir, 37, after breaking with the brains and ice plus bought at the Ramadan bazaar near the house, the family began vomiting and diarrhea.
Perhaps no fish bought at the bazaar Khir Mohamad Ali on contaminated? If true it certainly those who buy meat at the same booth will experience the same symptoms. It's too early for us to assume that because the case remained under investigation.
Below is the original news of this incident the Grasshoppers took from the Star-
A girl died after vomiting and diarrhea after 12 hours of breaking the fast, while the family was hospitalized after suffering the same symptoms.
Ali Mohamad Khir victim's father, 37, said Nurdini, 11, and his family to break fast with brains and ice plus bought at a Ramadan Bazaar near their house in Taman Seri Mewah, Phase 2, Meru, near here, last Sunday.
"About half an hour after the meal break may be, my stomach started to feel uncomfortable, and about an hour later my family and the maid began vomiting and diarrhea so as not to afford to get up to the bathroom," he told reporters at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah today.
Besides Nurdini, Mohamad Khir family members who suffer the same symptoms was his wife, Noraliti Ramli, 37, another four of their children Mohammad Syafiq, 14, Mohammed Irfan, 13, Mohammad Mubarak, 8, and Mohammad Hazimi, 3, and the maid, known as Essence.
He said, Nurdini found lying in the bathroom at 6:10 this morning with a voice dengusan strong as an ox slaughtered, while the eyes are wide open and his mouth foaming.
Mohamad Ali then took sole daughter to the Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, and after arriving there, the victim confirmed dead.
He said that, until now, all family members treated at the hospital and doctors had yet to identify the diseases that they have.
He said since the beginning of Ramadan, Nurdini ask for a mix of ice and the brains, but he is only the opportunity to buy food on Sunday.
Mohamad Ali said the body was buried in Cemetery Nurdini Islam Meru here after Zuhr, yesterday afternoon.
Meanwhile, North Klang district police chief, Supt Mohamad Shukor Sulong, when contacted, confirmed receiving a report on the incident while the hospital could not be reached.

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