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Selasa, 9 Ogos 2011

Why Life Ends with Suicide?

Why Life Ends with Suicide?
Many people choose to end his life by suicide actually do not really want to die. They commit suicide to end whatever is going on. Some mail messages from people who commit suicide often contain words that they really do not want to die, but just wanted to end the problem.

Words such as "I can not stand it anymore!" Or, "Why should I live?" could be a clue that shows a strong desire to be free from the rigors of reality. And if they are already in the stage who are unable to cope, suicide becomes a shortcut to their final solution.

Triggers Suicide
Although the reason people commit suicide is different, certain events in life in general lead to suicide. Here are some of the main reasons that lead a person to commit suicide:

School problems
Some teens often even suicide because of problems of poor grades in school, the stress of exams, or worried about his future.
Family Problems
Some teenagers in dysfunctional families, are more prone to commit suicide. In addition, some cases of suicide are also triggered by problems in the marriage.
Employment and financial problems
For adults, most cases of suicide due to financial problems or work problems. Business of the bankrupt, or because of being fired from jobs, making them not dare to face the future and end his life by suicide.
For some people who suffer from illnesses that never healed, and finally take action to suicide. Or the elderly who are no longer able to bear the suffering caused by physical illness, chose suicide.
Indeed, not everyone chose to commit suicide. In fact most people are able to deal with the problem of even greater weight, without the need to commit suicide. If so, why there are people who view suicide as an answer to their problems?

Factors Suicide
Many of the decision to commit suicide could be dependent on how addressing various events. Many people can bear the weight even during the depression that they believe that things will improve. If the mind is kept healthy and positive, will not respond to any event as something so devastating. That's why many people successfully overcome depression and not to commit suicide.

But the pressures and problems like the brakes on the vehicle. If pressed continuously, the brake can be thinned. Likewise, mental, if the pressure continuously and repeatedly, and despair that has accumulated, it can erode a person's mental system's ability to resist the urge to commit suicide. Mental ability to think positively gradually weaken and strengthen the desire to commit suicide.

In addition, there are also other factors that make someone take action suicide. Here are a few factors:

Mental Disorders
Some mental disorders such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia causes people to have a stronger urge to commit suicide.
Some suicides are committed by those who have the habit of using drugs and alcohol.
Congenital genetic
Some people inherit genes with a weak emotion and some research suggests that in some family lines there are many cases of suicide. Family members of one of his line had committed suicide, higher risk of committing suicide.
Brain conditions
Our brains are unique. Chemical makeup of the brain can make a person stronger in the face of problems. Particularly low levels of serotonin in the brain, can make someone a bad mood, make unhappy, to reduce a person's interest in its existence, and the risk of becoming depressed and suicidal.

Signs of Suicide
Although there are many reasons for suicide, but the sign of someone wants to commit suicide can be seen in one or more of the following attitudes:

Despair and depression
If someone looked in despair and depression, this could be a sign towards suicide. But not all people who experience hopelessness and depression lead to suicide. This is one of the early signs of it.
Feelings of loss
A person who suddenly loses something, whether a loved one or job loss, also deserves more serious attention. It is also one of the early signs of suicide.
Talk about wanting to die or commit suicide
Do not laugh at or take for granted when someone says says it wants to die, or even expressing suicidal. Even though the phrase is only in passing. This could be the deepest expression of his heart that must receive immediate response. Words such as "I can not stand it anymore," "They do not have to worry about me", or "They'll be better off without me", is an example of a general statement expressed by those who eventually committed suicide.
Suicide attempts
This is a sign of a pretty serious if someone had one or several times attempted suicide but did not dare. Some cases are more mild, like the attitude that playing with no fear of death and dying.
Making a will
Although inheritance is to be planned from the beginning, but if in certain unusual circumstances, a person who wants to commit suicide will start making a will and share valuable goods.
Behavior and attitude change
Attitudes began to withdraw and shut down as well as socially isolated after a problem, need to be a serious concern. Do not let those who are depressed and hopeless in a situation of loneliness. Some expressions such as declare themselves useless, need to be taken seriously.

Preventing Suicide
The desire to commit suicide like a disease. But with proper treatment, that desire can be treated and cured. If you are facing a tough problem, and began to show signs of as described above, the following steps have been proven as a panacea to overcome suicidal thoughts:

Fix problems of mental disorders and addiction
If you have problems related to mental disorders and addiction, immediately contact an expert such as a psychiatrist. They know the best way to overcome and rehabilitate you.
Overcome feelings of loneliness and immediately discuss the problem
People who tend to want to kill myself, think the problem is too big and can not be overcome. And no one can talk to. Do not be afraid of it, immediately speak with the people closest to you. Your family, like a parent or spouse is the person closest to can understand you.

Many cases of suicide, because of feelings of loneliness. Seek friends who could be the place to devote your feelings.

Helping People Who Want to Kill Yourself
What should you do if someone used to say do not take it anymore with his life or even a person already stated directly or implied that they no longer want to live anymore? Some steps have been successfully overcome suicidal feelings in many people.

So a good listener
Try to be a good listener. In many cases, people who want to commit suicide are usually withdrawn and closed. Try to approach it and realize that the pain or despair he was feeling was real.

Try to subtly mention that you saw some changes in attitude and behavior so as to move him to open up and pour out his feelings to you.
Try to go into his feelings, and say that he was very mean to you or anyone else. If he committed suicide, this will make you and others were destroyed as well.
Keep dangerous objects
Keep dangerous objects away anything that could be a means to commit suicide. Suicide usually see a lot of tools that are available around him solidify a determination to commit suicide. For example a rope, knife, cutter or even a firearm.
Seek medical help
For cases that are quite extreme, immediately summon medical assistance to deal with the problem. For example happened a serious mental disorder, you can immediately use the medical assistance such as a psychiatrist or a psychiatric hospital who know best how to handle it.

Suicide Can Overcome
Suicide is not a last resort. All the weight problem can be overcome, and many people have managed to do it. Your life is worth including for others

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